Crazy 'Bout History, Inc.

What We Do
We, as a non profit, want to educate people of
all ages about our local history.  As each
generation passes, we lose that history which
they knew.  

Our job is to help keep the stories of our
ancestors alive, as well as their lifestyles. This
is accomplished by using a storytelling format
and with the use of visuals.

Teachers who instruct in Louisiana history will
find our programs will compliment the learning
process of the classroom.  Our non profit
researches, develops and then performs skits
ideal for people of all ages.  
Mission Statement

Crazy 'Bout History, Inc. aspires to enhance all
avenues of history along the Mississippi River
of South Louisiana by developing and then
conducting culturally and historically designed
events that will educate and entertain people
of all ages.

The narratives recognize and examine the
legacies of the families and the lifestyles that
contributed to the development of these

Moreover, the organization desires for  
residents and visitors to achieve an
understanding of our rich heritage by working
with existing community groups to maintain
and restore selected historical sites that are
most often overlooked.

Our Motto
"To Educate and To Entertain"

Crazy 'Bout History, Inc was created to help
keep our local history alive.  
A Grotto dedicated in 1876 is located inside St.
Michael's Church in Convent, Louisiana.
You can make a contribution to
Crazy 'Bout History by clicking
on the Donate button.

With your donations, the
non-profit will be able to bring
more programs to students and
the general public of Southeast
Caroline Scorsone  
recipient  of Crazy 'Bout History's  second
place winner of a  forty dollar cash prize for the

On Sunday, June 26,2011, a Volunteer
Appreciation Luncheon for the Friends of the
Cabildo was held at the Southern Yacht Club.
 Connie, along with Richard Crawford, were
named, "Rookies of the Year"
Connie Donadieu spoke at the Friends of
the Cabildo luncheon.  Her topic was St.
James Parish Bonfires.  
On December 7, 2011, at the
board meeting of Crazy 'Bout
History, Inc, the name of Chad
Remondet was pulled for the
LSU package
Connie Donadieu and Jim Rooker
attend an 1863 ball in Vicksburg,
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