About Us
Crazy 'Bout History, Inc is a non profit organization.

Formed in March of 2007, the board, along with
other volunteers, have dedicated themselves to
educating the public about life along the
Mississippi River...past and present.

History is layered and each layer is incredibly
interesting.  However, with the passing of time, our
history is frequently forgotten.

Crazy 'Bout History,Inc has created an approach to
history that will be an interest to both young and
old.  The following photos provide a preview of the
types of programs we provide.  
Don't Hesitate

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Brenda Mitchell as Sojourner Truth

Connie Donadieu as Tante Baptistine
This history class had a special treat while having lunch
at Spuddy's Restaurant.

Students and parents learn about the Mad Stone of

Students listen to Connie as she gives them a history lesson
about St. James Catholic Church