Crazy 'Bout History, Inc...a non profit
keeping our History Alive
Crazy 'Bout History, Inc is presented with a special award for their history
performance at Lutcher High School which took place on
February 27, 2009 for Black History Month.
Connie Donadieu of Crazy 'Bout
History presents, "Victorian Women" to
a group of children at Greenwell
Springs Library.  Connie, using visuals,
explained lifestyle and hygiene of a
woman.  The librarian was kind enough
to dress in the many layers of clothing
that women wore.  Even the children
got into the act by trying on different
articles of clothing.
Children learned about the way couples are
married in Kenya.  They discovered how involved
the families are in the courting and wedding of
the young couple.  A bride and groom, who were
chosen from the audience, helped create the
The children then learned about marriage
ceremonies during slavery of the 1800s.
Our Cemetery Event
Our latest
appearance was
at the
Parish Library